Remember: This is your face!

by Alynn DastaMarch 6th, 2018

Suddenly everyone is a "Certified Microblading Technician." Orange cones and yellow tape should appear and blaring alarms should sound whenever you see this claim on someone's website. Have you noticed lately how many are listed for any google search for brow microblading? Client beware: this is your face.

  1. The Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP)?
    Is your technician a member? The SPCP provides guidelines for best practices, ethics and industry standards for client safety, process, procedures, physiology, training and products.
  2. Technician Training.
    Your technician should possess a minimum of 100 hours of training in permanent cosmetics, they need to have a similar amount of training in microblading, even if it is for just that one type of procedure. There are many areas of study when learning these techniques, which include facial morphology and bone structure, brow shaping and design, color analysis, color theory, proper handling of equipment, prevention of cross-contamination, as well as practice work and the opportunity to observe procedures before actually performing them under supervision.
  3. Do your homework.
    Anyone interested in pursuing a permanent makeup procedure is encouraged to verify the qualifications of any technician and his/her trainer, in addition to checking with regulatory agencies for trainer compliance with local health, safety, or permit requirements if the trainer is travelling from another state or country to offer training.
  4. Review the Portfolio.
    Review your technician's before and after photos, and ask how many procedures s/he has actually completed. Experience includes natural artistic ability, but also requires an in depth understanding of skin tone, skin health, color theory, medical health. Not all clients are good candidates for permanent makeup.

Remember: It's your face!