Eyeliner is one of the most popular of the cosmetic tattooing enhancements: upper, lower or both. Lifestyle, color and styling are important considerations in pursuing this service. The advantages are many for those who prefer a polished look without the hassle of a daily makeup routine, or those who struggle with vision and/or the artistic application of liner.


I recommend that the initial service be approached conservatively. The retouch visit may be used to enhance, dramatize, darken the liner as well as restore fading or lifting of pigment.

  • Color: All ranges of color are available; depth and darkness may be customized to suit any preference.
  • Styling: From bold and dramatic, wings, wedges, tapering, a fine line of definition, to a mere lash enhancement, your unique style will be discussed during our consultation.
  • Lifestyle: Permanent eyeliner benefits any lifestyle. Liner provides a savings of time, effort and energy for the busy mom, professional or athletic individual.

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